Stamp Event Ticket Information Form

Client Information


Complete this form to submit information to the Stamp Student Union Ticket Office about your upcoming event.

All questions and correspondence regarding tickets for your event should be sent to

  • The Stamp Ticket Office will not manage ticket sales or ticket distribution for events that are not taking place in the Stamp Student Union or an outdoor space managed by the Stamp Student Union. 
This form should be submitted at least 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the date you want tickets to be available for sale or distribution, and no less than 5 business days prior the date when you want tickets to be available for sale/distribution. 

All event fees must be paid in full before tickets will be made available for sale or distribution.

All seating for events will General Admission (no assigned seating or seat selection).

All ticketing information must be finalized before tickets are made available for sale or distribution. 

The individual submitting this form is the only individual authorized to make any changes.

If you are selling tickets, there are only two (2) options for how you can receive the revenue from your ticket sales. 

1.  By Check:  If you select this option, you must submit a completed W-9 form.  It can take 4 -6 weeks to receive your revenue check by mail from the State of Maryland. We must have a completed W-9 form before tickets will be made available for sale.

2.  KFS or ISR Account:  If your organization is a university department or student organization, you can have your ticket sales revenue deposited into your campus KFS or ISR account.  We must have the account number  before tickets will be available for sale.

We are unable to deposit ticket sales revenue into personal or business checking or savings bank accounts.
To receive your ticket sales revenue by check, you must upload a completed W-9 form below. We must have your completed W-9 form before tickets will be made available for sale. 

If you need a blank W-9 Form, click on the link below, or email  for a copy.