21-22 MLEAD Facilitator Nomination Form

Nominator/Sponsor Information

Thank you for your interest in nominating students for Maryland Lead Program! This form is for offices, departments, and organizations nominating students to submit an interest form to be a student facilitator.


What does a 'nomination' entail?

When you nominate a student(s), we'll send them a personalized note letting them know the staff/faculty member and/or department/organization that nominated them. We will encourage them to fill out the interest form and attend an informational

Why be a facilitator? 

Facilitators gain and develop the following skills: critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, group facilitation, public speaking, time management, conflict resolution, leadership knowledge and experience, collaboration, self-awareness. Take leadership knowledge and experience back to respective groups and organizations.


Who can be a Facilitator? 

Any current student at the University of Maryland, College Park in the year 2021-2022. Students interested in learning about and leading discussions around leadership development and education. Students whose schedules are flexible and able to meet program requirements.


What will take place? 

As a Facilitator, you will learn and practice leadership theory and facilitation skills with a focus around socially responsible leadership, and how to construct and facilitate leadership education experiences. 


What all takes place and when? 

Click here to see the dates required for Fall and Spring Semester on our website!

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